How long distance movers pack your breakables

Moving can be scary!
Moving can be dangerous and treacherous for your things, especially when done in long distances. Sure Johannesburg to Pretoria may not be as long as you think (3 hours at best!) But can your breakables survive that ride along with bumps and jumps? What if it’s from Cape Town to Johannesburg? Are you well equipped for that?Long Distance Move
You’d have to hand it to professional movers, their magic can make even the most fragile of ornaments survive a half-day rigorous trip. Except what they’re doing isn’t really magic, though it needs a great deal of dedication and hard work, they can make the impossible possible by following a protocol and process of packaging objects that break.

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The secret lies in good and proper packaging and care.
When movers get from point A to point B, they don’t hug your valuables and pray a large bump will send it flying over. They pack it inside one of their most favorite of go-to equipment to use: Cardboard Boxes. Sure these may pose a questionable thought, as cardboard really isn’t that soft to cushion or that hard to support. Allow us to explain:
• Boxes are double layered – have you seen how thick their cardboard boxes are? Moving company boxes are considered reliable as they are double layered; the added padding increases the cushioning power and doubles the support power of boxes.
• Boxes are filled with soft cushions for added shock absorption – of course, boxes can’t handle everything alone, everybody’s favorite bubble wrap or something similar is wrapped around the breakable further increasing its shock absorption.
• Boxes are securely taped and tied down – the outside of the box is just as important as the inside! Duct tape or other similar strong tapes are double and tripled in securing a box, making sure it never opens during the trip. Add that to secure ropes and ties around the box so it stays in place no matter what, and it makes the inside near invulnerable to breakage!
• Boxes are labeled and handled with utmost care – last but the most important, boxes with breakables are segregated properly and handled with tender loving care just like how a mother handles a newborn baby! Special thanks to Active Transport Moving Company for the information.

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