Water is a loving gal; she can’t keep her hands to herself! Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all the love water has given us. For our drinks, cleaning, bathing, etc. However, too much can be bad too, and as much as I need water every day, I’d like to keep in moderation when we talk about buildings and homes. I get that when it rains or floods, water loves to hug that structure so much – but that pressure can be devastating, and if it seeps through, well, you can just imagine what that can do to your home and appliances.

Another helpful resource: damp proofing

Walls usually keep the intruders, other malicious and dangerous solid stuff away from our homes. But did you know that not all walls keep liquids like water away? When it pours, moisture that turns to drops that eventually add up can most certainly seep through. We can’t even fully stress just how dangerous it is to have water seep through walls with electric outlets! We also know many of the household appliances we have are sadly not waterproof! Though it’s all great to be out there singing in the rain – when it comes to going home, we want it to be nice, dry and comfy. You wouldn’t want to lounge on some wet moldy walls or floors or sleep on a damp bed, right?

Okay, so we’ve come to question…how can we keep that water away?
Damp proofing your walls is the answer. With damp proofing, water is repelled away by making use of a material to coat your walls to make it water-resistant and waterproof (Yes there’s a difference) This assures that even under high water pressures, no amount of moisture can pass through those walls! Make your home feel like an impenetrable fortress by damp proofing you walls now! Increase the safety and security of you and your family, because it’s not just living things that you should be afraid of – the elements can be cruel as well. This article was only made possible by the contributions from

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